Provides a new lower-cost and valuable employee benefit that facilitates a smoother and more successful transition.

Creates a more satisfying retirement experience for employees by addressing non-financial factors that people often neglect:

  • Replacing the Benefits of Workplace Relationships
  • Shifting Identity and Purpose
  • Attitude and Adaptability
  • Leisure Pursuits and Mastery
  • Wellness & Relationships

Employees tend to focus primarily on the financial side but not how they will invest their time in retirement.  Through an assessment and coaching they gain:

  • A partner to confidentially explore goals for retirement
  • Education on the non-financial aspects of planning for retirement
  • Help in expanding and clarifying their vision of a successful retirement life
  • Assistance in creating an Action Plan to align with their vision
  • Support in implementing steps to make their Vision and Plan a reality

Alternative to Outplacement

A reality in today’s intensely competitive business environment is that needs can change quickly and it becomes necessary to reduce staffing levels. According to The Wall Street Journal, two-thirds of employers today offer outplacement assistance to affected executives and other employees at all levels to help deal with the transition. While that’s a valuable resource for many, it’s not the best fit for some. Executives and employees who are approaching retirement may benefit from a more personalized, customized approach.


Why Retirement Wisdom