Executive Coaching

To promote higher engagement and morale that benefit both the executive and the organization, Retirement Wisdom offers one - on - one coaching for executives planning to transition to retirement in the next one to three years. We provide a structured program over six or twelve months, highly customized to the specific situation and we match the right coach for the person. 

Key deliverables include:

  • A confidential assessment to help the individual understand how well prepared they are for retirement across six life arenas, and what specific areas need more attention.
  • Help in formulating  his or her vision for retirement.
  • Identifying the key issues and obstacles that will need to be navigated.
  • A comprehensive transition action plan to carefully map out the key steps. While the primary focus is usually on personal life planning, this may include succession and transition issues.
  • Guidance and support on taking the right action steps to successfully transition.



Retirement Coaching

Retirement Wisdom also offers three and six month one-on-one coaching programs for employees at all levels who want to go deeper and build a road map for the non-financial aspects of their transition to retirement. This can be a valuable benefit to experienced employees who may be within 0 to 3 years from retirement.

Key deliverables include helping to:

  • Formulate a vision, purpose and goals for retirement.
  • Discover and evaluate new options personally and professionally.
  • Identify the key issues and obstacles that will need to be navigated.
  • Complete a detailed action plan of next steps.
  • Implement the plan with  guidance and support.



Retirement Wisdom conducts on-site workshops for groups of 10 to 25 employees. We provide half-day, one day and two-day formats suitable for different budgets and time commitments. The workshops include:

  • Education on how retirement is being re-defined today and why it is important.
  • Completion of a personalized retirement assessment for each attendee across 6 Key Life Arenas.
  • Interactive exercises designed to help people clarify their vision, goals and priorities for their lives in retirement.

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The demographics of your workforce are changing. In some industries, the rising wave of baby boomer retirements is creating skill shortages and a premature loss of institutional knowledge. In other cases, executives and managers are delaying retirement - limiting promotional opportunities for ‘up and coming’ talent.

We help organizations develop innovative solutions that fit your needs, culture and benefits plans with programs like Phased Retirement and Alumni Networks that reinvent the employment relationship, create new win/win options and release the pressure points. There are distinct benefits to both mature employees and employers as employees get ready to leave work and start their next chapter.